There are a set of exclusive modules that go beyond the traditional operative and bring to the management of Trade Finance transactions a high added value, both to the clients of the banks and to the proper entity, shortening management times and facilitating the decision phases. They provide, also, all kinds of statistical information in real-time, without need for costly batch processing.

Through this module, clients of the banks as the entities themselves may define their workflows with different criteria and levels of use, from type of operation, transaction, operator, etc.

The system will allow defining own alert types, providing a personalized management model.

Also, each event produced creates and sends a notification to the affected users through different means (email, SMS, etc.). In addition, if you are connected to the system, the notification occurs on-line.

Through its innovative and agile system of tasks slate (Dashboard), the bank and its customers can define and, therefore, know in real-time the status of operations, the burden of tasks at different levels, as well as provide management information.

This powerful tool will allow scanning, associate and share documents for different parties of each operation in a simple way with different participants.

The documents are associated with each operation/event and can be handled with all the capabilities of any document manager, and may include associated notes and metadata that will allow easy and efficient handling of all electronic documentation.

This module is intended to simply and effectively get management information without restrictions and by any authorized user.

The information is exportable and provided in all kinds of files, manageable in other tools (spreadsheets, presentation tools, etc.). Similarly, information may occur in diagrams that the user defined, and can carry out comparatives and projections of the information managed.

Through this innovative module, the bank and its customers are connected and easily establish a dialogue that is associated with the operation, therefore enabling them to act with immediacy and avoiding delays in the processing of the operation.

When connected to Mercury Document Manager®, each conversation can carry associated documents when considered to be necessary.

This module is designed to enable banks to offer customers a system of management of their operations with the importers/exporters, from the beginning through their completion, incorporating all stages from contractual negotiation and all the related documentation in a single file, allowing sharing with different participants selected information and, of course, reusing it after a Trade Finance payment operation is defined (letter of credit, collection, open account, Stand-by, etc.).

Banks can intervene in all processes of the supply chain finance, offering its corporate customers the connectivity via Swift through MT798 messages and sending files via TSU, FileAct, etc. incorporating all the management processes of all participants (beneficiary customer, insurance company, etc.), in such a way that the bank participates from the beginning of operation management and has the opportunity to offer to each of the participants financial custom-made solutions.

In the case of customers who do not have connectivity via Swift, the process is performed through the Internet offering the same functionality.

It is a distinctive tool that allows banks to notify each customer of all information, advertising, notices, etc., which they want to submit. It is, therefore, a powerful channel of communication, direct and fast, where bank can report to each customer, in a distinguished way, about the novelties of the market, specific information by industry, news, etc.

The bank may decide how to distribute the information, either by customer, by sector, by region, by user, or share it with everyone, so in short, a novelty of the market that will differentiate the solution that the bank provides to its customers.