Mercury – TFS offers its customers multidisciplinary teams for projects of implementation or actualization of its solutions in Trade Finance.
We are unique in the industry to offer specialized services in Trade Finance in order for the bank to have the ability to supervise and lead their projects, with fully prepared personnel and experienced in this extremely complex business that is Trade Finance.

Our experts, functional, technical personnel and project managers, offer to the bank an independent and impartial vision of the condition your project is in and the alternatives of decision that will be necessary to take. We specialize in offering to the bank a prepared, expert team to undertake implementation projects of our solutions or solutions of any other vendor that the bank has selected. We guarantee that with our knowledge and experience the project will be benefited by the participation of an independent team who will manage it in a best possible manner for and in benefit of the bank.

We join the teams and remain a part of them, assuming existing possible problems as our own and offering solution alternatives.