complete e – business solution, modular and integral for Trade Finance.

This portal is designed to offer all of the banks of the world that perform transactions of Trade Finance, automated solutions for the control and the total management of their operations, from the initial moment by the client until its full completion within the bank, offering security at all times, robustness, integration, added value and all the necessary information for the bank and its client. It is a solution that is 100% on-line.

Mercury Portal possesses three essential solutions:

Mercury Corporate Portal®

Solutions for the bank’s clients (front-end)

It is designed for the clients of the bank to perform and administer their Trade Finance operations through the Internet, from the comfort of their offices or from any part of the world.

It is about a new, powerful, robust solution developed 100% in Java and HTML5 that allows the bank to offer their clients, through the Internet, the administration and control from the beginning to the end of all operations and products of Trade Finance that they can offer.

In addition, its contemplated complementary tools of high added value that facilitate, improve management and, above all, client loyalty to the customer with the bank.

Mercury Bank Portal®

Solutions for the bank (back-office)

It is a complete, robust and effective web solution for all the Trade Finance operations within the bank. It maximizes the productivity and drastically reduces the operative risk, offering complete functionality, and is sophisticated yet easy to use. Moreover, it is totally and easily integrated with the CORE system of the bank.

Both Mercury Corporate Portal® and Mercury Bank Portal® are solutions that can be utilized in all offices and branches of the bank (middle-office).

Mercury Mobile®

Solutions for mobile devices

It is designed to allow authorized users to perform transactions through mobile devices or Smartphones, such as iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. This solution presents information with total security, in a consolidated and executive manner, to be able, among other things, to create similar operations, review, approve, reject, manage communications, etc.